Collection of Human Resource :

Keeping in mind the unemployment crisis and poverty in the Country, the company gives preference to the most needy employees, irrelevant of his status, standard, qualifications etc. and thus categories then accordingly. As for the employees habitants, prference is given to the employees, who are from very far places, so that they may get a chance for the development not only from the financial point of view but, also on the national level. However, there is made no discrimination between the qualified and the unskilled employees.

Screening Procedure:

After having advertised in local leading Newspaper and having informed about the same to the local agents about the vacancies the employees are collected and listed in the registration forms and then interviewed by either parties. This procedure gives each employee a chance to face the interview.

Reporting Structure:

The employees contact numbers, references and addresses are noted with the company and also they are requested to keep contact with the company. After finishing with their relevant procedures the company representative sees off the employees at the airport. The client companies are informed with the details about the same and thus arrangements are made by their respective employees in their areas.