The advancement of the modern world is all because of the elevated administration of workers (direct and indirect). In the present age, globalization has cleared a path for the Government of Nepal to detail standards and acts which has helped Nepalese individuals to make full utilization of their potential anywhere around the globe. Generally the prolific and fierce Gurkha warriors were recruited by the British Army, Indian Army, and Brunei Army who served their nation with bravery and loyalty. Those same Gurkha warriors are the Nepalese individuals who presently have discovered their approaches to 102 nations over the world in regards to their capacity. For that manpower purpose of these Nepalese workers, the Nepalese government has dispensed labor offices in Nepal among which, our association Globe Link Overseas Services emerges top with exception.

I’ve myself been in this seat of managing director of this association for more than two decades now and have seen the life for manpower agency’s existence with my own eyes. I’ve confronted a wide range of highs and lows while being this voyage of 20 years in manpower agency sector. Coming myself from an unassuming and a typical Nepalese farming family, I comprehended the estimation of time and life at an extremely youthful age. In my 20 years running the association, I met a considerable measure of foreign as well as Nepalese individuals and that decent variety situation dependably influences me to work more on providing right employment to my countrymen. To every one of the cities I’ve been as of late, from Kuala Lampur to Doha, employment has never been a noteworthy issue for their kin. They might not have the most joyful life on this planet but rather in any event they are getting paid decently for their endeavors. Our great nation of Nepal is continually mulling around poverty and tension due to unemployment. In the event that we begin putting faults on degenerated governmental issues, we will only moreover degrade our present standards. Giving productive work to these typical Nepalese individuals have turned out to be a life saver for them. Our association has dependably been founded on giving work to those needy subjects or citizens of Nepal.

Furthermore, to the organization customers we have, giving the best administration and works have dependably been our top priority. We have a sound association with each of our international customer and we ensure that the relationship is constantly direct. We have to go about as the dependable or the responsible party while sending Nepalese laborers to outside country/organizations and we are dependably there to ensure everything stands clear.