Nepal is the land of hardworking and honest people. Our recruitment agency, ‘Globlink Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd.’, Licensed by Nepal Government, Labour Ministry under number 201/057/058 takes pride to present itself as one of the leading and upgraded supplier of Nepalese Manpower.

Our agency has been established with sincere and true intentions to make both ends meet for the poor and needy Nepalese people to bring forth their talents, skills and to help them to develop their career and their overall outlook of life.

Our principal market being the Middle east, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malyasia, Qatar and U.A.E. We fully intend to supply the most reliable, fair, potential and professional manpower safeguarding the best of both the employers and employee.

In the presence of our countrywide coverage, we have an edge to locate, screen and recruit the most approiate people with an organized and integrated network of recruitment with the latest communication and information technology.

The number of Nepalese labour supplied to the Middle East countries during the years show thorough proficiency and screening abilities by our honest moral principles and high ethical values which are the true cause of the satisfaction of our honoured clients.